A Diamond in the Rough Begins to Shine

“An Idea alone is worthless, until its implementation is achieved.”- Phil Porter


We at Event & Marketing Hinz see our location in the Berkentienhaus as an Event and Experience Center. We concern ourselves with the planning, organization and implementation of interesting events which offer our customers a meaningful experience with lasting enjoyment and impact.

We are service providers who are part of an excellent network of top-level experts in the fields of Event Management and Marketing. To make our clients even more successful, we create a wide range of marketing concepts and offer creative communication services.


The offices of Event & Marketing Hinz are located at Mengstraße 31 in Lübeck.

Let us consult you regarding your event concepts, gift ideas and individual marketing opportunities. Develop your ideas and implement them together with us to the applause of the your guests. Eat, drink, chat, speak, celebrate, relax or start your day inspired. We will assist you with our competent consultation from idea to end experience whilst offering 
the highest levels of service. We are only satisfied if you are thrilled.