Enjoy our little Cafe

Shall we Meet for a Coffee?

We see coffee in the Berkentienhaus as an integral part of the concept of being an event center.

The exact format of our Cafe / Bistro can therefore be changed accordingly.

Sometimes standard Bistro tables will await you in the hall, occasionally you will find yourself on a comfortable Sofa. Possibly you will have a chat over a cup of 
coffee or enjoy Tea time in our Beautiful Birkensaal located on the first floor.

Whatever may change, you can rely on one thing: there will be coffee. Yes, tea as well.

Coffee is more than a drink for us. We see it as being essential for a good atmosphere. For us, coffee is an expression of an attitude towards life, communication assistance and much more. Start a conversation or expand your thoughts listening to a speech. Whatever you prefer. And once again, we also have tea.


No time to bake, but fancy a comfortable retreat for a short break? We cordially invite you to enjoy our frequently changing range of treats which we provide purely for your enjoyment! Our delicious snacks may not make you slim, but will make you happy!